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To become a vendor you must be homeless or vulnerabley housed. However, we recognize that for many people, being housed is only the first stage in getting off streets. Therefore if a vendor needs to continue selling The Big Issue we may allow them to sell the magazine.

All vendors receive training, sign a code of conduct, and can be identified by badges with photos.

As a vendor of The Big Issue I agree to abide by the following rules, to not:
1. Sell anywhere but on an authorised pitch
2. Sell without displaying your badge whilst selling.
3. Use threatening or aggressive behaviour or offensive language at any time while acting as a Big Issue vendor.
4. Appear to be under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances whilst buying or selling The Big Issue.
5. Obstruct the general public or cause an obstruction on the street.
6. Argue or fight over pitches with other vendors or those who earn a living from the streets e.g. Beggars, Buskers or Street Traders.
7. Beg or busk whilst wearing The Big Issue ID badge or holding The Big Issue magazine; nor must you sell in any way associated with begging, such as sitting or lying down or using a bowl for money.
8. Behave in any manner likely to bring The Big Issue and the Big Issue vendors into disrepute.

If you have any comments about vendor behaviour, please call our Sales Support Team:

Tel: 06-6344-2260
E-mail: info@bigissue.jp
2-3-2-401 Dojima, Kita-ku Osaka 530-0003

Selling The Big Issue

In Japan, after being 'badged up', vendors receive ten papers. Thereafter, vendors buy the magazine froupfront at a whole sale price. The magazine's cover price is currently Y200. Vendors buy The Big Issue for Y90, sell it for Y200 and keep the difference (currently Y110 per copy).
Some members of the public are concerned about how vendors spend their money. The Big Issue believes that all people must take responsibility for themselves, and homeless people have as much right to spend their earnings as they wish as anyone else.

Vendors are not employed by The Big Issue. They are retailers, and as such, are responsible for their own tax, book keeping and timekeeping etc. This is in keeping with The Big Issue's ethos of self help, and helps vendors to learn new skills at the same time as earning an income.

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